Club Sponsors

The following organizations have donated cash or services to the Edmonton Broadcasters Club:

We thank them for their support!

Indirect Support

The Club’s web site would not exist without Open Source software. Open Source is a concept of free software, created and supported mainly by volunteers, with the programs that make up the software freely available for review by anyone. Without it, our software costs would be just too expensive.

The Club uses Open Source software for its web site in three ways:

  1. WordPress and its Multi-level Navigation Plugin (for menus) deliver the functionality of this web site to you and your computer’s web browser;
  2. Linux, MySQL, php and countless other pieces of software are installed on our web host, and are required to make WordPress function;
  3. NotePad++, FileZilla, Audacity, ExactAudioCopy.de, GIMP and OpenOffice.org are used by our Webmaster to build this web site.

How to Help

If you would like to donate to the Edmonton Broadcasters Club, please contact any of the Club Executive listed on the Contact Us page.