Spring 2010 Luncheon

Club Spring 2010 Group Shot

Edmonton Broadcasters Club Spring 2010 Luncheon Group Shot in Kingsway Legion
Back row(s), L-R: Greg James, Ann Wilson?, Bob McQuay, Alex Holownia, ?, ?, ?, ?, Marty Forbes, Jon Pearkins, Garnet Anthony?, ?, ?, ?, Luther Haave
Third row, L-R: Lyndon Olson, Joe Meyers?, ?, Royal Harris, Bill Borgwardt, Bev Munro, ?, Bob Peterson, Larry Langley, Jim Gerlock, ?, Greg Schmaltz
Front row, L-R: Jackie-Rae Greening, Randy Lemay, Bob Coe, Patrick Cardinal, Shane Blakely, Jim Tustian, Keith James Jr.
Second row, L-R: Mark Byington, Al Girard, Gordon Skutle, Kiviaq, Irv Shore, Jean Paul, Alex Rankin, Frank Dolphin, Murray Blakely, Dolores Schmaltz
Question mark right after a name (before a comma) means that we are not sure if we have the right person. ?, ?,? is a placeholder when we don?t know a name.

Courtesy: Jim Tustian
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