Byington, Mark

Mark Wesley Byington was a broadcaster who really got around! During his twenty-three years in the industry he served at seven different stations.

It all started in 1951 when, on a dare, he auditioned at CJAT, Trail, B.C.

He was hired and from there went on to CKOV, Kelowna; CJIB, Vernon; CFCN and CFAC, Calgary; CHAT, radio and TV, Medicine Hat; and CFRN radio and TV, Edmonton.

His positions included chief announcer, assistant sports director, radio and television newscaster, and Provincial Affairs reporter.

Mark’s career highlight was a commission to cover the first-ever-televised Premiers Conference in Ottawa in 1971. He was the only Alberta radio or TV news reporter in attendance, and had an exclusive interview with British Columbia’s colourful W.A.C. Bennett.

Now retired, Mark remembers his broadcasting career as a “rewarding and enjoyable adventure”.

filed 2006

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