About the Club


The Edmonton Broadcasters Club is a non-profit organization formed in 1998 to provide an environment for long-time broadcasters in the Edmonton area to keep in touch. In 2010, the Club expanded to include all broadcasters, no matter how long they have worked in the Broadcast Industry.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide the opportunity for social gatherings at which broadcasters may enjoy meeting with their colleagues;
  2. To assist broadcasters, including those now retired, in nurturing the friendships made with their former colleagues;
  3. To preserve and present the history of local broadcasting and broadcasters; and
  4. To provide the opportunity, when desired, to become informed concerning the state of broadcasting in the present day, and the forecasts for the future of radio and television in Canada.

Membership Requirements

Anyone with broadcast experience qualifies for membership. Membership is open to anyone who has worked (i.e. – paid as employee, contractor or owner) in the Broadcast Industry, even if none of that experience was in Edmonton.

The current membership fee is a one-time $5.00 charge. Membership cards are available at the club’s twice yearly Luncheons.

Who Can Attend Luncheons?

You don’t need to be a Club member, or have broadcast experience, to attend our Luncheons.

More About the Club