Broadcasters By Letter

Edmonton Broadcasters (“Broadcasters by Letter”) looks at the careers of broadcasters who lived in the Edmonton area and worked for radio and television stations serving Edmonton, not just those on-air, but anyone with a paid Broadcast Industry position (contract, employee or owner). That would include, for example, Sales and Engineering positions, and any other staff that generally consider themselves part of the Broadcast Industry. But would exclude volunteer and most intern positions. This is very similar to the Edmonton Broadcasters Club Membership Requirements, with only one exception: the Club also welcomes broadcasters who have never worked in the Edmonton area.

Edmonton Broadcasters and Calgary Broadcasters are modelled after, and were initially built with material from, Vancouver Broadcasters, created by Gord Lansdell. was initially a stand-alone web site created by, but a subsequent partnership with the Edmonton Broadcasters Club has created this combined web site as the first step of a coordinated effort to improve Broadcasters by Letter and reduce overlap between it and the Club’s former web site.

Something wrong or missing?  See below for information on how you can help.

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You Can Help/Contact Us

Edmonton Broadcasters is a work in progress and your input is requested. Any material you can share with us would be appreciated, especially names and information on broadcasters we have missed, plus photos or corrections. e-mail us with information to or photos to

What We are Looking for (information)

For each Broadcaster, we are looking for:

  • Name(s) used on-air in Edmonton or, for those not on the air, how the broadcaster was known to his/her Edmonton co-workers:
    • this is the name that will be listed on our site;
    • if multiple names were used in Edmonton, cross references will be included on the site
  • If a different Name was used at any other station, indicate which Name was used at which Station
  • Call letters of each station worked at, in Edmonton and elsewhere, including campus stations and unpaid positions; use -FM and -TV to indicate FM and TV stations; use -AM to indicate an AM station with the same call letters that were ever used for an FM or TV station, e.g. – CFRN-AM to differentiate from CFRN-TV and CFRN-FM (as CFBR-FM was formerly known); list the call letters in use at the time the broadcaster worked at the station;  if you cannot remember the call letters, please tell us as much as you can remember, such as City, Frequency/Channel, Branding and anything else that may help us identify the station from historical records
  • City where the station was located; province, if outside Alberta; state if in the U.S.; country if outside Canada and the U.S.
  • If the broadcaster did not work in the City where the station was located, indicate that City as well:
    • if the broadcaster worked for a network and not the local station, this might become “CBC-TV Ottawa, Ontario” rather than “CBOT-TV”;
    • if the broadcaster worked for a local station, it would be stated as “Victoria Legislative Reporter CBUT-TV Vancouver”
  • Start and End Date for each station with as much detail as known:
    • month day, year – month day, year
    • month year – month year
    • year-year
    • part of decade, such as “mid-1990s-early 2000s”
    • decade-decade
    • or any mixture, e.g. – “1993-March 1, 2005”
    • “current” if still there
  • Position
  • For announcers with regular shifts, please state the shift
  • For any formal broadcast training that was completed:
    • Certificate (degree, diploma, etc.)
    • Program Name
    • Name of Post-Secondary Institution
    • City
    • Province, State or Country
    • Date of Completion (month and year, if known)
  • If retired:
    • Date of Retirement
    • Initial Retirement Location
  • Place of birth
  • Name at Birth
    • optional if still alive
    • middle name(s) not normally specified if still alive
  • If no longer living:
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Death
    • Location of Death (city)
    • Cause of Death – optional and only stated if other than general aging

It would be helpful, but certainly not essential, if the information was presented in this form:

Jack Smith – Radio/TV Arts Diploma Algonquin College Ottawa, Ontario 1972.
Midday announcer CJBY-TV North Bay, Ontario April 1, 1972-July 31, 1976;
News Reporter 1976-82 then News Director CITV-TV Edmonton August 1, 1976-August 31, 2005.
Retired in Edmonton on August 31, 2005.
Born John L. Smith on July 28, 1953 in Dundas, Ontario and died of injuries suffered from a fall in Edmonton on February 2, 2008.

What We are Looking for (pictures)

Our goal is to have a picture of each broadcaster. In the future, once we have converted the site to a database-driven approach, instead of the present somewhat free form style, we will more easily be able to handle multiple pictures.  So, please let us have all you have that might be of interest.  But, for now, here is what we use:

  1. A “head shot”:
    • that is already or can be cropped to make a square photo
    • we can easily do the cropping to make a head shot from any face-on photo, just so long as we have a high enough resolution digital photo or a paper photo we can scan
  2. Either the same photo as #1 which we display uncropped in a higher resolution, i.e. – bigger, or another photo

We are grateful for any photos, but, given a choice, here is what we prefer:

  • Dating from the time the individual was actually working as a Broadcaster in Edmonton
  • Broadcast equipment also shown in the photo(s)
  • As high a resolution as possible, even if it means mailing us a CD or DVD, or sending multiple e-mails to avoid size limitations on e-mail, because computer monitors keep getting bigger and higher resolution, and we will be displaying higher and higher resolution photos in the future
  • If you don’t have access to a working scanner, we do accept actual paper photographs, and will return them to you once we have scanned them; e-mail us for a mailing address


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