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One Moment Please

One Moment Please was the CJCA Staff Newsletter introduced in November 1953. You can read the first issues by clicking on the top of the first page of the first issue shown below (5MB PDF):


At the time, there were only two private radio stations in Edmonton, CJCA and CFRN, and television was still a full year away. With that in mind, it is hard to understand this item:

With six local signals coming into Edmonton and a seventh soon to be added, it’s only natural that the listening public is confused as to whats on which station.

The other four signals were from public broadcasters: CKUA, CHFA, CBXA and CBX Lacombe. CHED was the seventh, and still a few months away. No mention, of course, of the three FM signals, simulcasting CKUA, CJCA and CFRN, given the handful of FM radios in Edmonton in those days.

A huge thank you to Joan McKee, the Newsletter Editor for its first few years of publication, for donating these newsletters, and to Gordon Skutle, retired CJCA Chief Engineer, for presenting them here.

Complete 1954 Issues (22MB PDF)

Complete 1955 Issues (22MB PDF)

January – May 1956 Issues (13MB PDF)

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