Totem pole story on CTV

A notice to all in the donor group that our story of the totem pole will be seen in a feature report this Thursday, Oct. 21 on CTV Edmonton during the 6 o’clock news. It will also be available that day on our website:

…for those outside of the broadcast area and will be archived there for a few weeks with other features.

Also, check out the totem pole donor page at the Friends of the Royal Alberta Museum Society’s page at :

They have a big image of the totem pole as well as info for those outside of the employee group wishing to donate.

Payments are flowing in nicely, thanks very much. Anyone within the station who would like to bring their $50 to Irene Honstein for this Friday payday, please keep in mind she works 10 to 2 Mon. , Wed.& Friday and will leave to make the bank deposit before 2pm so please see her with cash or cheque payable to the “Sunwapta Totem Fund” earlier in her workday. Any payments not received by the time we close the account at the end of October will not have those employee names included as part of this project.  I will send out a list to all of the paid contributors after this Friday’s deposit so you can confirm your name is on the list. The final list will go to the Royal Alberta Museum as per the original plan to be forever tied to the history of the totem.

Thanks again everyone.


John Hanson