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Founded in 1998 for retired and long-time Edmonton radio and television broadcasters, the Edmonton Broadcasters Club hosts events for anyone interested in Broadcasting.

Club Events

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of the Broadcasters Club Spring Luncheon with Daryl McIntyre and Carrie Doll.  Carrie was going to ask Daryl questions about his long career as the evening news anchor at CFRN Television.  It was initially hoped that it might be possible to schedule the regular Fall Luncheon. But, with the current restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend such events, this is not possible.  In addition, a number of our regular attendees are members of one or more of the “higher risk” groups which the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta recommends should avoid some or all such events.

The social interaction among long-time friends and colleagues has been a very important part of the Club’s twice-a-year events for the past twenty years.  During the pandemic, many of us have become familiar with Zoom or other internet platforms that allow us to interact on-line with friends and/or grandchildren.  While such an event can not take the place of the personal contact at the Club’s usual luncheons, the Executive Committee thought that, until it is possible to think about getting together “in person”, it might be a good idea to try a Zoom event.  Daryl and Carrie have both confirmed that they are available to participate in a Broadcasters Club Fall Virtual Luncheon at 12:00 noon on Friday October 23rd

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For a list of Edmonton broadcasters who have passed away, please visit our Colleagues Remembered page where you will find a chronological list from the past year, and an alphabetical list covering the years since the Edmonton Broadcasters Club was formed in 1998.  Each name is followed by links to more information on the broadcaster’s life.

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