Luther Haave

Luther and broadcast technology are a perfect match, and that is where the focus has been during his broadcasting career.

While attending the University of Alberta, he worked through the summers as relief transmitter technician for CBC Television in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and in the CBXT studios in Edmonton. In 1965, Luther was employed at CFRN in the capacity of technician, and in a like position was with CBC-TV in Edmonton from 1966 to 1972.

It was at ITV, however, and later with WIC, that his career would really flourish over 27 happy years. In September 1973, Luther was the first person hired when Dr. Charles Allard received a license for a new Edmonton Television station. Luther and George Young were the two person team that, by September 1974, completed the engineering, construction and installation of the Edmonton television plant, a 40 ft. seven camera mobile, and the 900 ft. tower and transmission facility at Looma, Alberta for CITV, CFRN-TV, and four Edmonton FM stations.

Luther steadily advanced at ITV to become the station’s Vice-President of Operations in 1976. In 1982 he became the V.P. and General Manager of Superchannel, and was also WIC’s VP Development from 1995 to 2000.

He has many gratifying experiences in broadcasting, as well as the signing on of ITV in September of 1974. Luther also takes pride in his association with ITV’s In Concert Series, with SCTV, and the signing on of both Cancom in 1978, and of Superchannel in 1983. He was also involved in the sign-on of Home Theatre pay-per-view in 1990, and in the launching of the 28 GHz wireless trial in Calgary in 1995. Following his retirement in 2000, Luther continues to be active as a consultant.

filed 2006

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