George Hamilton

George’s broadcasting career spanned two continents, North America and Australia.

He began as a VTR operator in 1961 at the Calgary CBC Delay Centre.

In 1962, he moved on to TV Studio and Transmitter Maintenance at CBXT (CBC) in Edmonton.

In 1965, feeling the need for something different, George gravitated to Channel O in Brisbane, Australia, where he was engaged for a number of years in wiring and maintenance. On his return to Edmonton, he worked in all technical facets of TV. Once again feeling itchy feet, George took a year off to travel, mostly around New Zealand, the Phillipines and Japan. Then, back home in Edmonton, he spent 1973 and ’74 in Capital Cable’s new building, helping to set up their station (now Shaw Cable).

George spent his last twenty-six years in the broadcasting business at ITV before retiring in 2001. He then kept himself busy repairing security equipment.

filed 2006

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