Royle Harris

Royle’s career in the business of broadcasting centres predominately around Edmonton’s CBC outlet, CBXT. However, he got his start at CFRN working part-time as a staging and lighting technician.

But it was his move to Mother Corp that was to bring him some pretty special experiences, not the least of which was working on the crew during a visit to Edmonton by Her Majesty the Queen.

Royle’s technical expertise was used, also, during several Grey Cup broadcasts, along with curling’s Silver Brooms bonspiels, and the Montreal Olympics.

When asked about other memorable aspects of his career, Royle suggests that having the Miss Nude Edmonton contestants appearing on supper hour broadcasts is not something one would easily forget! He also enjoyed the challenge of doing live broadcasts with live commercials, and has fond memories of working with Ford and Hines.

Although retired, Royle continues working as a spotlight operator.

filed 2006

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