Ed Kay

Ed Kay must be one of the few Edmonton broadcasters who spent an entire career at the same station. During his thirty-three years at CFRN-TV, Ed’s familiar face and voice earned him many fans in all areas served by ‘RN’s TV signal.

He began his career in 1956 after graduating from the Radio College of Canada in Montreal. Ed joined CFRN as Control Room operator and junior announcer, soon becoming a staff announcer, and, in 1961, was promoted to Chief Announcer.

One highlight of Ed’s career was The Noon Show, featuring many on-air high jinks shared by George Lund and Doug McFarland. He remembers that every day brought something different — ad-libbed commercials, skits, cooking tips, even advice on diapering babies! On one occasion, a furniture sponsor donated a mattress which they tore apart on the air!

On a more serious note, Ed interviewed guests on Alberta A.M., did some News fill-ins, and weather reports which were done the hard way — on a blackboard, with chalk.

After greatly enjoying his many years at CFRN-TV, Ed Kay retired in 1989.

filed 2006

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