Virginia McCullough

Virginia belongs to that small, happy group who spent their entire broadcasting careers at CFRN, Edmonton. In 1963, she joined ‘RN on the switchboard and reception desk, sharing the position with Noreen Lodge, another long-time CFRN employee.

Among Virginia’s special memories was the opportunity to meet and greet many celebrities, including astronauts and movie stars, as they arrived at CFRN for interviews.

She recalls, with both nostalgia and mirth, the day an old gentleman with a long, white beard appeared at the station with a dog on a leash. He declared himself to be God, and wanted to speak to someone from the News Department. Since no one in the Department evidenced any interest, the old chap sat in the lobby for many hours. Virginia finally persuaded Bruce Hogle to talk to the man. Bruce greeted him kindly, then called a cab and sent the old fellow to the Edmonton Journal. He was never heard from again!

Virginia retired in 1995.

filed 2007

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