Bob McQuay

Bob’s broadcasting career began May 1, 1954, as a student attendant at CBWT-TV in Winnipeg, where be progressed to Technician, then to Technical Producer. His next TV stint was as Technician at CBUT-TV, Vancouver, followed by a move to CBXT-TV, Edmonton, where he spent the remainder of his career at Technical Producer.

Highlights of Bob’s career include covering the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, and in Calgary in 1988. He also recalls being the camera man covering the Ripple Rock explosion north of Campbell River, B.C., in 1958. This event was engineered by experts to blow up the hazardous rock and thus allow ships to move with greater safety.

Bob retired from CBC’s CBXT December 31, 1988, with good memories of his many years there.

filed 2007

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