Ruth Rankin

Ruth Rankin began her career in the world of broadcasting in 1941, when she became book-keeper at CJCA, Edmonton, and later the station’s Accountant and Office Manager. A person of great character, Ruth was respected by all who knew her. A number of those who worked with her, or were hired by her, regarded her as an excellent mentor, and found her guidance most helpful as they furthered their own careers.

An avid golfer, Ruth also enjoyed the theatre, the opera, the symphony, a good book, and most of all, sharing time with good friends. Her serious demeanour at work could not hide a readiness to laugh, and she laughed heartily and often. Several community organizations, including the Junior League of Edmonton and the United Way benefited from her volunteer service.

Ruth was, in every sense, a lady. She was considerate, kind, and scrupulously honest and fair-minded. She was much admired for her dignity and her courtesy. She mothered the entire staff, and was concerned for all. The six station managers with whom she worked over the years all held her in great esteem.

Ruth retired from CJCA in late 1982. She was a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Half Century Club. Ruth was a founding member of the Edmonton Broadcasters Club.

Peggy Miller-Day

filed 2005

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