Speaker’s Idea List

Speakers at the Edmonton Broadcasters Club luncheon are introduced by one of their peers and given 20-40 minutes shortly after the buffet style lunch. Any or all of the following approaches have received positive reactions from our member audiences:

  • A look back at your broadcast career to date, including one or more of the following:
    • how you got started; and/or
    • what motivated you to choose broadcasting as a career; and/or
    • anyone who stands out in your mind as a Mentor, or even someone you learned a great deal from just by watching or listening to them as either a good or bad example, or some combination of the two; and/or
    • time period and station that you thought was the most enjoyable, and why
  • Description of a situation you found yourself in, either ordinary or extraordinary for the time, that could not occur today because of differences in technology or practices;
  • Personal experience involving someone famous or infamous you worked with that some of the audience may have heard of;
  • Prank you were involved in as victim, perpetrator, accomplice or innocent bystander, including those “done to” your station by a competitor;
  • A winning approach that you have used in more recent years that you originally developed, or witnessed in use, many years ago;
  • Any comments on current and future trends in broadcasting.

The assumption for each point is that it is broadcast-related, but it need not be Edmonton-related.

The above list is not intended to be restrictive and, as the name implies, is simply a list of some ideas that have worked in the past.  Most of all, speakers should be informal and just have fun!

Other Things to Know

Our venue provides a podium and microphone.  If you require an easel, or any recorded audio or video as part of your presentation, please notify your Club contact well in advance, so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

The Luncheon Speaker is automatically registered for the Luncheon, and does not pay the luncheon fee.  In addition, the speaker receives a free luncheon ticket good for any future Club luncheon;  the ticket can also be used to bring a guest to hear you speak.

for Edmonton Broadcasters past and present